Pickering College

Pickering College is a prestigious private boarding school in Canada with an impeccable 140-year reputation. The school offers education for both Canadians and international students. Every year, Pickering College welcomes students from over 25 countries.

The school is located in the small, cozy and safe town of Newmarket, 45 km from Toronto. The campus of the school occupies a vast green area of ​​17 hectares, which is guarded around the clock. It has everything necessary for the full and comprehensive development of children, for their comfortable learning, living and pastime: a well-equipped main building of the educational center, comfortable hostels, indoor sports hall, ice arena and health club, open areas and a jogging track. Nearby there is an indoor swimming pool, stables, ski slopes and mountain bike trails.

Benefits of studying at Pickering College:

The school was founded in 1872 and shows impressive academic results every year;
Location in a safe town near Toronto;
Extensive campus area with comfortable infrastructure;
Intensive training program, comprehensive support for students;
The presence of a large number of various sports and intellectual sections.
Pickering College is accredited by the Ontario Department of Education and the Association of Independent Schools of Canada (CAIS). College graduates receive an Ontario high school diploma.

Classes at the school are small, on average 9-18 people, depending on age. This allows you to pay maximum attention to each student and create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Children are taken care of 24 hours a day by teachers, curators and other school employees, reports on the progress of children are regularly sent to parents.

In addition to the standard program, students are invited to participate in all kinds of additional sports sections and classes in various types of arts. The school is proud that many students have received national literary, sports and multimedia awards. The school also launched a new internationally recognized global leadership program. The program reveals the leadership qualities and skills of students, helps them gain self-confidence and become successful people.

All teachers are certified professionals with extensive experience. The result of the high quality of teaching at the school is that absolutely all graduates of Pickering College entered higher education institutions, and many of them received scholarships for their academic achievements.

Infrastructure: modern classrooms, meeting room, canteen, library, bookstore, school clothing store, recreation room with fireplace, 2 dormitories, health center, sports hall, sports fields, indoor ice arena, jogging track.


Grade 7-8 Program (ages 12+)

Beginning of classes: September.
Children study standard disciplines established by the Ontario Ministry of Education: mathematics, science and technology, geography, as well as art, music, theater skills, take a leadership program, play sports.

In addition to traditional methods, students use digital technologies in the learning process. The extracurricular program is mandatory. Teachers identify children’s individual abilities and help them develop their talents in sports, art or leadership.

Program 9-12 grades (ages 14+)

Beginning of classes: September.
Students are offered a wide range of subjects to choose from:

Arts (theatrical arts, music, visual arts, media arts), business (information and communication technologies in business, entrepreneurship, finance, accounting), civil law, geography, economics, history, law, political science, computer science, foreign languages ​​(English , French, Spanish), leadership program, health and sports, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, anthropology, physiology, sociology, communication technology, radio and audio production, interdisciplinary studies.

In addition to the general program, all foreign students are required to study English.

The school has a learning support system. If a student experiences some difficulties in studying the subject, or experiences physical or psychological problems, the school will definitely provide support and find a way to solve problems. Helping students is the responsibility of absolutely all members of the school team: teachers, coordinators, nurses, psychologists, administrators and other employees.

Canadian Exploration Program

Age of students: 12-16 years old
Duration of study: 1 semester
autumn semester: September – December (4 months);
winter semester: January – April (3.5 months, with 2 weeks of Easter holidays).
This program is designed for children who want to experience learning in a Canadian school, but do not plan to receive a Canadian diploma. During the 1st semester, the students of the program are fully involved in school life: attend all lessons (up to 25 hours a week), sports sections and circles, take part in excursions, school parties, talent shows. Children live with the rest of the students in a hostel on campus.

Thanks to this unique program, children will have an unforgettable experience, deepen their knowledge of the English language, make new friends and prepare for studying abroad.


Students live on campus in two dormitories: Firth House for girls and New House for boys. The rooms are designed for 2 people and are modernly equipped. Showers are on the floor.

For foreign students living in dormitories, the “family” system is practiced. Children are divided into “families” of 10 people, headed by the curator of the school. They are constantly supervised and receive support in any matters.

Children are provided with healthy, balanced meals in the school cafeteria. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered on weekdays, brunch and lunch are served on weekends, as well as daily evening snacks. Children sit at the table in “families”, often discussion topics are prepared for meals in order to encourage socialization and communication between peers.


All students are required to take part in extracurricular activities, which include sports sections, art and discussion clubs. Most sections are held after class from 15:15 to 16:30 from Monday to Thursday.

Sections to choose from:

  • jazz band
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Debate
  • Student Committee
  • extracurricular advice
  • Arts Council
  • Green team
  • Reach the top
  • Youth organization
  • Youth Committee
  • Horseback Riding
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Run
  • Football, kickball, broomball
  • vocals
  • Theatrical art
  • Robotics
  • Figure skating
  • Curling
  • adventure sports
  • Fine arts and craft
  • outdoor training
  • Yoga
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Rock climbing
  • Snowboarding.

During the school year, various sports competitions and games, themed holidays, as well as group school tours to the ski resorts of Deerhurst Resort or Blue Mountain Resort, Niagara Falls or Montreal are often organized.

Evening programs are designed to develop children’s social awareness and encourage communication.