Bronte College


Bronte College is a private boarding school founded in 1991. Bronte College is located in downtown Mississauga, which is part of the Greater Toronto Area. Mississauga is one of the ten most developing cities in Canada. The population of the city is 695,000 people. The city is located just 25 minutes from the center of Toronto – the financial capital of Canada, 30 minutes from the international airport and 90 minutes from Niagara Falls.

Bronte College is located on a vast territory of 1.6 hectares surrounded by a beautiful park. The educational building of the college has equipped classrooms with Internet access, a computer room, scientific laboratories, a modern library, a music hall, a modern gym, a gym, a cafeteria, and recreation areas.

The training is conducted by experienced teachers in small classes, which allows you to concentrate on the learning process as much as possible and pay more attention to each student. A feature of the college programs is the purposefulness of preparation for entering universities, the opportunity for each student to significantly expand the area of ​​​​his knowledge, to study the program course as efficiently as possible. It is also important that the college has its own residence for students to live in very comfortable conditions.

Since 1996, Bronte College has been offering interesting summer vacation programs. Interest in these programs is growing every year, especially among foreign students. These programs provide an opportunity to combine relaxation and an exciting entertainment program with the study of English, as well as mathematics and other exact sciences.

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Summer camp “Fun ESL”

This program is aimed at improving communication skills, learning English grammar. Classes are held in classes (maximum 15 students per class), the intensity of classes is 20 lessons per week. In addition to standard lessons, TV programs, news and movies are watched in the classes, which are then actively discussed; the guys read and discuss events that take place in the world, practice writing articles and reviews, debates are arranged. Classes are held in a very active, communicative environment, where everyone shares their impressions and emotions. Students take part in applied arts, go in for sports, go on excursions.

Summer camp with the study of mathematics and exact sciences

The program is designed for students who are fond of mathematics and the exact sciences. It is conducted under the direction of the exact sciences department of the private school Bronte College. Classes are held in classrooms, most of the time is devoted to conducting various experiments and experiments. An obligatory part of the program is cultural, sports and sightseeing events.

The duration of the programs is 3 and 4 weeks. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate.

Arrivals: July 9 – August 20, 2019


Accommodation: accommodation in single equipped rooms (there is a washbasin in the room), separately for boys and girls. Shared shower and toilet for 5-6 people. Laundry and drying services are provided. Cleaning is done every week, security around the clock. The number of single rooms is limited and students are placed in double rooms for later bookings.

Meals: a balanced and nutritious menu is offered in the school cafeteria (full board – three meals a day).


Sports: The college has an excellent gym and sports hall where you can practice sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis and cricket.

Entertainment: in their free time, themed evenings and disputes, discos and competitions, talent shows, music and sports competitions are held.


The program of each week includes at least 3 sightseeing activities, including: a visit to the Ontario Science Center, the Royal Ontario Museum, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, etc.

Every 4 weeks, a 3-day tour to Montreal – “French Canada Tour” is organized.